So the latest guest on the podcast dedicated to kinja commenters, Undressing Underground was the commenter, Digbette. She is an infamous shit stirring fucker that runs back and forth between GOMI and GT; playing both sides against each other in an increasingly incestuous game. The initial sympathy she gained from being against creepy mound of flesh, Chritter has evaporated faster than one of Zhandi’s T Cells. So it was a questionable choice to say the least.

Additionally, she puts forth the RIDICULOUS premise that her incessant time online is in pursuit of “research.” This is an old chestnut that was fresh and original right around the time of 12k dial-ups, not so much now

But then, a mysterious thing happened: poof!. Into the ether went this interview.…

Did this choice of commenter fail to be properly vetted amongst a certain core group? That’s my guess.


What’s yours?